Thursday, 13 May 2010

Well i never!

Peach here. i do apologise for my non existant pictures last blog, im trying hard to upload pictures from my blackberry but nooope! not having none of it. can anyone be of my assistance?
Anyhoo. i have some exciting news, whilst dily dalying in the wonderful world of topshop, a woman from vindall sasoon disrupted me from my day dream and offerd me a free hair cut! result! This is due to a experimental day or something along those lines. Watch this space.

I would like to also wish my beaut of a sister (the london lipgloss) a happy 21st birthday (for yesturday, im a little late!)

I am planning a blog i shall write tomorrow about some hairstyles for short hair, as i am myself, a short haired person!
Toodles xo.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Nail varnish watch.

Peach here. Ive been addicted to nail varnish since i can remember. I know it can be a pain in the bum looking in the shop and thinking 'hmmm what shall i buy, will it come out that colour?'. Well fear no more! With all my favorite nail varnishes i will try them out for you! At the minute im loving urban decay nail varnishes, i am loving one at the moment in colour BRICKHOUSE.

This fine specimen here is brick house. A very deep red. I love this is if your going for a dark colour as it is more dark then red. Great accompaniment for any type of clothes really. The brush on urban decay nail varnishes is very long and thin and the nail varnish itself comes out very smoothly and not gloopy. It drys within a few minutes but like any nail varnish can become very tacky. If you've been trapped on a desert island for your whole life then you'd like to know that urban decay can be brought in most boots (mostly the bigguns) and that they have a wide range of other cosmetics (which i shall most likely delve into as i am a fan).


Gloopy nail varnish that's had a lid loose for god knows how long, want it for tonight? Add a couple of drops of nail varnish remover to bottle of nail varnish and shake well. Do this to a right consistency. Job done!
Want a quick dry solution? After application dip hands in ice cold water for 2-3 mins, gets rid of most tackiness. Or available from most beauty stores is quick dry, is a alcohol base solution which takes the moisture out of nail varnishes, this is what we use in the salons.
Greasy hair and no dry shampoo? Talc powder does the job!

Toodles xo.

Hello fellow bloggers.

Hello fellow bloggers, welcome to my new blog! Youll have to excuse me if im a little slow, im very new to all this blog thing. Well here i am, here to talk to all you loverly people about what i know really and what ive been taught over the 2 years ive been training to be a hairdresser and beautican and all the hints ive discoverd for myself! Ill show you my make up tips, how to cut simple styles for yourself and other people, how to create simple up do's and nail and beauty tips. Ill share anything that pops into my head really. So hope you enjoy and follow me! Toodles! xo.